Macaroons And Garden Party Day Dreams


So its been a while since this broke girl has had a moment to blog.. Broke and busy I have been. With Preschool, Alex, and recently Eloping.. I have been a bit busy.. But today after a fun trip to Magic-Land with my husband Flynn and my son Alex. I decided I needed to bake. It could be the fact that I am pregnant! I do believe that with any good baking you need to start at the beginning the recipe especially if your Nana or Moms aren’t around to do this for you.. SO that means I search the internet for a recipe . Its hard work.. One because I cant cook. My fancy Loft Kitchen doesn’t come with a personal Chef. Searching the internet for recipes . Finally I find one I think is simple enough for me to attempt! Sooo I run to the store.. Milk Motion. Mind you Milk Motion didn’t offer Milk but I did think that a sim Called Cupcake would at least provide nutrition  or at least a cupcake to eat?

I searched the sim.. There is so many lovely things there, clothing, pumpkins, zucchini, Mesh hoodies, Sales, bow ties… All the wonderful things.. But no cupcakes?!  Thats blasphemy I tell you.. But I remembered I had my lovely Macaroons from the Arcade Gatcha! I pulled out my cart full all of the lovelies..


Finally I took my lovelies home.. I decided to Not actually bake.. because after all that shopping this broke girl was much to tired to actually bake anything at all.. I had some tea.. Then decided that Ashlin had saved me the trouble of baking… And I pulled out some cupcakes I had saved from Canadian Thanksgiving and munched on those.. The day ended amazing.. cupcakes, tea, my bunnies a trip to a beautiful Cupcake Sim..

The credits!

Hair and Hat  Burley Sirah ( New)

Blouse: Sea Hole ( Collabor88 October)

Shorts: U.F.O (Collabor88 October)

Socks: Kyoot (Collabor88 September)

Boots: Maitreya

Scarf: Milk Motion ( New)

Ring: Earth Stones

Glasses Reek


Cheeky Pea: Garden Party ( Collabor88 October)

Bunnies HPMD

Blanket and Pillows: Cheeky Pea: Garden Party ( Collabor88 October)

Cupcake sim ( second photo)




Butterflies and Dragons


This sunday Bug and I decided to traverse Water Reserve… Its so fun there.. We loved all of our adventures.. And we hope to go back for more. My little Green Dino is wearing the New Toddleedoo sized Intrigue Pajamas! I am so excited to say that he was able to rock that while we were out. If you haven’t been to Water Reserve.. Go and walk around take photos and just enjoy it. I think we will be returning for a picnic here soon.


There is a beautiful swing set settled right in the water .. Its a bit scary if your not careful you might slip out the tire and fly into the water.. But thats the price you pay for fun!



Hair D!va

Jacket: Pumpkin ( New)

Hairband: Monso

Jeans: Tres Blah Juju jeans


BackPack: TokiDoki

The View from here

This weekend was eventful. Bugs Superhero birthday party was a great success.. People showed up I was able to put down my bottle of antacids and migraine meds.. He had a fantastic time and thats the most important part. The next evening I had a few moments to myself and decided I need a quite Mommy moment..



Alot of thinking happened on that dock.. It was a good moment a nice clarifying evening.. Sometimes we need a clarifying moment so we can look back at our day and look forward to tomorrow!

Hair Exile

Top: Erratic

Belt: Mon Tissu Threaded belt

Scarf: TB Wrapped Scarf ( the Gatcha Arcade)

Jeans Forever Young (Not Yet Released)

Flats Ingenue (The Gatcha Arcade)

Clutch: Boom (The Gatcha Arcade)

Headband: Monso

Glasses: Reek

Lipgloss: Pink Fuel Kumi Skin

Poses Adorkable

Bicycles and Balloons

This morning I woke up and before my son Alexander could stumble out of bed. I snuck out for a quick bike ride.. I am not the most athletic girl.. But for some reason with Fall officially in the air.. I have a desire to get out there and experience it all. And doing it this morning before the day gets crazy? Even better, With school registration today, Alex’s birthday party tomorrow.. And just the busy busy that is sure to come. It was nice to get out and  see some of the world. A friend Maribel had blogged about Izzie’s sim and I knew It would be a great place for a bike ride. SO I hopped on my bike and  I headed off. Determined to take some Photos I picked up my Camera and headed off.


It was a beautiful area I loved every minute of my exploration.. I had to stop though and see the deer… If you know me.. You know I HAVE A LOVE for animals.. And they were rather sweet and didnt want to bite me or eat my hair.. Which is always a bonus..  There is a gorgeous Lake. You can fish there if you want. I didnt want to take a chance of falling in and breaking my camera so I steered clear of that area.

Also ladies a great way to keep your shorts and tanks are using them with layers! I just paired my favorite pair of shorts from Mon Tissu with my tights and Now I am warm and toasty, A contrasting color also makes it even cuter! Tossing a scarf and cardigan on also helps keep those tanks just a bit longer.. Tank tops are one of my favorite pieces You can use them as layers beneath a blazer, dress, cardigan anything really just to add just a bit to it and keep you modest!


Sweater TokiDoki Summer Cardigan

Scarf: Tres Blah Wrapped Scarf ( Gacha Arcade)

Camera: Tee*Fy Grandpa Rare Camera (Gacha Arcade)

Shirt Mon Tissu  Lollia tank

Shorts Mon Tissu Cuffed Shorts( mesh)

Tights: Mon Tissu Favorite Wool Tights

Boots: Mon Tissu Providence Boots

Belt: Mon Tissu Weathered Thread Belt

Glasses: Reek

Tattoos: Milk Motion Mesh arm tattoos! ( I Love love love these!)

Props: Bicycle What Next Brighton Bike, Pose from Adorkable

One Broke Girl.. Meet Alyssa


Sooo, this is my first blog post on Couple of Broke Girls! I am so excited to join this venture with some of my good friends… So I thought I would introduce myself to you:

My name is Alyssa, I am a Preschool teacher in SL at New Horizons Academy, a mommy to a pretty neat kiddo. I also Love shopping, decorating and having fun while doing it, and may be, just possibly, addicted to Gatchas… I don’t know how often I will get to blog or share photos, fashion and stories with you all, but I am hoping it’s more often then not!  As the name of the blog says, we are all some broke ladies… so we will mix and match items from sales, hunts and just good old fashioned standards! Sooo, here is my first blog below. I hope you all stay tuned for more!

Our sim grounds changed today, such a rich, beautiful fall texture. I had already started my decorating, I love fall and IRL I miss the fun of it… Pumpkins on porches, trees changing colors… I live in the Desert, and well… it’s not quite the same as back home in Colorado. I love my sweaters, and hot cocoa on the porch, so Autumn in SL…I really dig in. Winter…You better watch out. Snow balls will be FLYING! But for now, it’s jumping in piles of leaves, Spiced Cider, Pumpkin carving  and fishing in the lake.

What I am wearing:

Top: Ison Cutout Square Top ( FLF 9/21)

Jeans: Mon Tissu Denim Lou Lou Jeans

Socks Kyoot Timeless socks (Collabor88 September)

Mouse Ears [Auxiliary] Gatcha_Mouse Ears (Studs) – Platinum RARE

Hair: Truth Rory in Macaroon ( New)

Necklace: League Vintage

Boots: Mon Tissu Heathrow Boots

Ring: Shakeup! Vintage Ring [08] Arcade Gatcha

Coffee: Starstruck

Glasses: Reek Augie Glasses


Poses brought to you by Flowey!